Since being founded in 2015, the Floating Opera Company has been supported by a generous network of individuals. Their support has made possible the innovative and enriching performances to the communities of Chicago, Milwaukee and beyond. We are honored by their support.

Denise Arrendondo
Dave Brooks
Anne Chalesle
Choong Pe & Hye Son Chon
Marilyn Cole
Chris Costas & Margaret Wright
Lauren Davis
Christine DiThomas
Edward & Barbara Farmilant
Elisa Farmilant
Steven & Mary Farmilant
Meredith Gordon
David & Ann Grambow
Daniel & Samantha Grambow
Kip & Lee Hillman
Kane & Paula Hootman
Michael Horvich
Sarah Jenks
Susan Justin
Heather Keith
Robert Kendrick & Lucia Marchi
Clyde Kunz
Peter & Maria Lagios
Janice Pantazelos
Lloyd Philbrook
Erika Raschke
Howard & Andi Sass
Janine Saxe
Connie Spencer
Martha Swisher
Brenda Turner
Joyce Wojciechowski


We wish to acknowledge our donors accurately.
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